Have you had a burning question keeping you up at night?  Well, now’s the time to find the answer to that question!  The Due West Science Fair is looking for young, eager scientists willing to do a little experimentation and show us those answers.  Again this year, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students may enter a group project (two students per group – must be in the same grade level).

Students will be evaluated by a group of independent judges on three criteria:

  • Project – Was the scientific process (hypothesis, variables, conclusion) followed?  It doesn’t matter if your hypothesis is proven wrong.  It’s all in finding if it’s right or wrong that counts.
  • Science Project Logbook – Was the process recorded in a detailed step by step manner?
  • Board – Is your science fair board neat and all the necessary data displayed?
  • Presentation – Each student should be able to give a brief description of his or her experiment and answer the judges’ questions.


Who can participate – Any student K-5

Important Dates: (NOTE: Our Science Fair is month earlier than usual due to the date change for the Cobb County Science Fair.)

January 10th – Registration forms due – forms are available on the school web site

January 17th  – Project judging at Due West for K – 2nd (projects due at the school media center by 7:45am)

January 18th  – Project judging at Due West for 3rd – 5th (projects due at the school media center by 7:45am)

January 27th –  8:00-8:30am  – In School Celebration & Awards Ceremony.  Parents are invited to attend while the kids enjoy a snack and performance.

February 11th  – Cobb County Science Fair, Kennesaw Mountain HS.

March 15th – Tom Mathis Science Fair